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A national nonprofit health organization with 20 employees was looking for cost-effective ways to improve its IT infrastructure.

Here are the challenges they had encountered followed by Dream 9’s solutions.


Outdated Email System

The organization was using GoDaddy POP/SMTP email service with minimal spam filtering. The email service was unreliable with frequent outages. Also, employees were not able to share calendars.

Unreliable internet service

Internet and Wi-Fi in the office was spotty. There were sporadic internet outages that lasted a few minutes or occasionally several hours.

File sharing – slow and hard to access externally

Local server file sharing on an aging local Windows server was slow and there was not an easy way to access the files outside of office.

No external access to line of business app on local server

They needed a secure method of accessing a critical line of business application outside of office.

No standard security in place

PCs were using free AV software from Microsoft. There was no way to block inappropriate or harmful web sites in the office.



We migrated the organization’s email from GoDaddy’s POP/SMTP service to Microsoft Office 365 as it is more reliable and has better spam filtering. We also increased email security by adding Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to each account which protects against malware, viruses, and harmful links.


To make sure there was very little chance of downtime, two different internet connections were set up. We also installed a dual WAN router/firewall with failover capabilities. If one connection goes down the other one takes over.

File sharing

Files were migrated from the local server to Dropbox Business. This made it easy for employees to access the organization’s files both in and out of the office.

Application access

A Virtual Private network (VPN) was set up so that a line of business Windows application could be accessed securely outside the office.


We installed a next generation firewall with content filtering and malware detection. Premium security software was installed on all desktop computers and laptops which is centrally monitored for any problems.


Employees can communicate and collaborate better with more modern email and file sharing systems. Security is much improved on the desktop and the network. The office internet connection is much more reliable. All in all, the solutions improved the organization’s technology while keeping costs under control.

A printing services and supplies company with a large volume of daily orders coming in via their web site needed help with an office move, reliable internet, and secure office environment.

Here are the challenges they had encountered followed by Dream 9’s solutions.


Office Move

The company needed to plan an office move and set up a robust network in new location

Unreliable internet service

Periodically the cable internet went down which caused the whole office to experience downtime. Orders could not be received or shipped out.

No Physical Security System

The new office did not have a camera security system. There was no way to keep tabs on major shipments/deliveries or daily operations, or prevent theft.

No External Secure Access to Quickbooks

There was no method for the bookkeeper to access the Quickbooks server securely when not in the office.


Successful Office Move

Helped plan move of computers and network equipment. Installed new gigabit POE switch to make the internal network fast and have the ability to power network security cameras

Robust Reliable Internet

We installed two internet connections—FIOS and Cable—to be sure there was very little chance of downtime. If one of them goes down the other one takes over.

Security Camera System installed

We set up 9 security cameras throughout the inside and outside of the office. Then we set up video recording and monitoring software so that the office could be monitored both onsite and remotely.

Secure Access to Quickbooks

We set up a VPN so that employees could access the Quickbooks server securely from outside the office.


All aspects of the office move went well. The reliability and speed of the internet has improved in the new space. Access to the Quickbook server is now fast and secure from both inside and outside the office. The security camera system has improved overall security and provided peace of mind for the business owner.