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About Us

Dream 9’s mission is simple:

Make technology work better for you and your business.

We provide technology solutions to businesses in MD, NoVA and D.C. A sample of the wide variety of industries we support includes printing services, dental offices, non-profit health organizations, public relations, private schools, fashion, disaster restoration, retail, creative arts, and home offices. See how we can support yours as well.

Josh Kantro

Founder and Lifelong Tech Guru

My interest in technology started early. When I was 12, my parents bought my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20 (see picture at left). I was hooked. The VIC-20 was exciting, fun, and full of promise. It was also brimming with—hold onto your hats—5 KB of RAM. The average amount of RAM in today’s PCs is over a million times larger and can practically do that many more things! I’ve been fortunate to witness this evolution firsthand through the rise of personal and business computing, growth of the internet, and dawn of the digital age.

My decades of experience in the software, ISP, website, and IT spaces have shaped my understanding and appreciation of technology. I love working with others who realize its importance and want to use it effectively to build their businesses. My goal is to give leaders and organizations peace of mind when it comes to their IT so they can focus on getting their work done.

Fun fact

I’m passionate about music. I play piano and guitar and write songs. I named Dream 9 in honor of “#9 Dream,” a song by one of my musical heroes, John Lennon.